Scorpion with Darklight

Should you want to find quickly some scorpions in the dark, you might use a darklight toch. When the scorpion are enlighted whit UV light their exoskeleton become fluorescent and you can see them with nacked eye and even take picture of them by using a camera or a smartphone.
ATTENTION: UV Light is dangerous for eyes and skin, I suggest to wear the protective glasses and to avoid to irradiate your naked skin. Please don’t point the led torchlight toward other people face or the skin or pets.
It’s fine to enlight plants, not living items or scorpions, BUT NOTHNIG ELSE.

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è 08082019-_DSC6915-1024x768.jpg

To take this picture I used the following gears:

To be honest, the only essential part is the darklight torch, to take the picture you can even use your smartphone camera.
Here is the video I took using my cheap Xiaomi phone

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