In this picture, you can see a harmless Olios argelasius (but we all know this is a vicious Violinus malmignattentsis satanassis, Granny’s assassin and chihuahua’s kidnapper disguised as a harmless domestic spider), AND the fearmeter ruler!

Actually, the graduated scale on the right is boring and dull centimetres, while the left one is in fearmeters calculated at the current exchange rate.

The writing in red shows the size we expect this horrid specimen to grow (3 meters).

There are ANALOGIC measurement tools and DIGITAL one, this is am ANALogic one, i.e. a fucked up one.

To be honest, the fearmeter is variable unit of measure… The arthropod who scare us is getting bigger as it comes closer to our face.

P.S. Please note the final touch to keeping the ruler quite slanted so that we can perceive many more mm due to the perspective.

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