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This site is mainly a collection of personal notes on many different topics which I chosed to share because I think they might be helpful to other people too.

Hi, I’m slowly translating this site in English, please be patient, the Italian version will always be a little more bigger then the International one, but I’m getting there.

Here you can see all the updated in chronological order

Mainly I will write about Nature, Photography, Technology and other subject as they came along.

Should you want to help me with a specific topic or with the translation I’d be more then happy to get you onboard.

Should you have any specific curiosity, please don’t be shy and


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For whom don’t know me, my name is Luca Miselli, I love photography and wildlife.
Although I’ve been study Agricolture Science, I found myself working in IT and Networkingin the last 20 years or so. I have lived and worked in different European countries such as UK, Österreich, Malta and Italy and recently I’ve come back to my native hills but I left a piece of my heart in each of those countries.

Nein, ich werde nicht ins Deutsche übersetzen. Ich spreche es nicht gut

Jiddispjaċini, imma ma nittraduċix bil-Malti, għaliex ma nitkellimx bil-Malti biżżejjed tajjeb

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Website https://www.kraugh.it
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